BLOW A MILLION® is a pioneering digital reality competition series

– streaming 24/7 via FAST channel on its unique Free-to-View platform.


Five contestants have one week to BLOW A MILLION®, living their 'bucket list' dreams.

If they succeed, one contestant, voted for by the viewing audience, will win £1,000,000.


But there are rules. There are always rules...




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Semi-Finalist in Virgin #VOOM Startup Catagory

"One day, your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching"  - Morgan Freeman (‘Carter’) - The Bucket List - 2007



How would you like to experience the VIP world beyond the velvet rope AND be given the opportunity to change your life, joining the richest 1% as a millionaire?


The viewing audience is looking for the next step in television. BLOW A MILLION® is the modern American dream for the twenty-first century. BAM is hugely aspirational and created as THE show for 99% of us who want to be more than voyeurs.  Unlike all other reality competition game shows, ANYONE can enter, play, and win regardless of ability, appearance, education, background, or talent.


We offer real people real money to live out their dreams, experience the life of the 1%, making lifelong memories in front of an engaged global audience.


The format for BLOW A MILLION® is geared toward international franchising and global specials. BAM is the future of television. Viewers can watch, enter, vote, and interact 24/7 on the live stream at and via the App across all devices. 


As one of five new weekly contestants, all you must do is collectively spend EXACTLY £1 million (not a penny more, not a penny less) between you, having the time of your lives together, living your wildest 'bucket list' dreams.


Four contestants will leave with nothing more than incredible experiences, friendships, and memories of the past seven days. Only ONE of you may leave a millionaire, as voted by the viewing audience. 


Sound's easy, doesn't it? 

But there are rules. There are always rules…




1. You are here to live your dreams. You must fulfil at least one wish from the ‘bucket list’ of each contestant

2. Your team have exactly seven days to spend exactly £1,000,000. Not a penny more, not a penny less

3. You shall not exceed the £20,000 limit for any single transaction

4. You shall obtain justifiable value* for all services

5. You MUST donate 5% to charitable causes

6. You may gamble up to 5%

7. You must perform a random act of kindness every day

8. You shall not destroy anything you pay for

9. You must present a receipt for every purchase

10. At the end of your week's adventure, you shall not own any assets


*Justifiable value is regarded as the market value for the services provided and not an inflated price to consume capital, i.e. you may hire the best personal trainer to the stars at their published daily/hourly rate, but an untrained friend acting as a hairstylist for £20,000 per day is not justifiable value. 



It all comes down to timing and a little bit of luck. When the original format for BAM was first created, 5G didn't exist, and both Netflix and Amazon were yet to produce their first original content. Fast forward to 2023, and there has been a paradigm shift. Technology has finally caught up with the creators' imagination. 


This convergence of technology and post-pandemic optimism have delivered a perfect storm - A catalyst for “The New Roaring Twenties”, as predicted by every major financial publication.


Most Millenials and Gen Z rarely watch scheduled linear television; by comparison, their usage of media streaming services is exceptionally high.



“The world has recognised that the future of content delivery is the internet.

Not linear, not theatrical." 

– Marc Randolph: Co-Founder and first CEO of NETFLIX (15th April 2021)



You no longer require a network or production partner to deliver content directly to an aspirational audience obsessed with celebrity culture, fame, and fortune.


In a TED Talk by Robert Waldinger (Psychiatrist and Professor at Harvard) entitled: "What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness" - Waldinger opens his talk by stating:


"In a recent survey of millennials asking them what their most important life goals were, over 80% said that one of their life goals was to get rich. Another 50% said that a major life goal was to become famous."


Needless to say, BLOW A MILLION ® offers both. In abundance, following Emmy-award-winning Executive Producer Mark Burnett’s golden rule of television:


 “To create something that people want to watch.” 




“The digital model is great. It will get talked about and get lots of attention; it is basically crowdfunding a game show to make certain people rich! As a business model, it’s good.”

- Ruth Wrigley: EMMY/BAFTA award-winning Executive Producer,

former Head of Entertainment at the BBC, Celador, Fremantle, and All3Media


"I loved the sizzle for your format, BLOW A MILLION ®. My instinct tells me it will pull in the viewers and make some waves in the industry."


- Simon Lythgoe: Showrunner & Exec Producer (American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance)


"Brewster's Millions…Love it! I love your writing and concept. I think it’s a terrific premise for a very BIG event type of show.”

- Scott Manville: CEO & Founder of TV Writers Vault


"I love the concept. BLOW A MILLION ® is very well thought through and articulated, and there is something wonderfully big and fun about the idea."


- Remy Blumenfeld: Chief Creative Officer Thinking Violets/Executive Producer Who’d Be A Billionaire.


“The public has a huge fascination with how the 1% live, and the idea that BLOW A MILLION ® will give them an opportunity to live that lifestyle for a week is something that will appeal to the masses."

- Brian Knapmiller: Executive Producer of "Lone Target"/"Manhunt" for Discovery


“I actually like the premise behind BAM. It’s a fun idea, and I could see something like that working."


- Michael Birch O.B.E Founder of Bebo (*sold to AOL for $850m): Serial startup Entrepreneur & Philanthropist


"If anyone can make it happen, you can."


- Joe Mace: Commissioner Entertainment, ITV Studios






Grant Parker is the Creator and Founder of BLOW A MILLION®. A creative futurist and streaming media start-up founder & CEO with a background in digital media and talent strategy consulting across media, technology and research industries.

With a passion for start-ups, people and all things media, Grant's entrepreneurial approach played a significant role in launching and successfully scaling high-growth digital, fibre broadband, radio and publishing start-ups. In addition to global experience working within a matrix environment with C-suite leaders at both PLC & Fortune 500 companies. Adaptable; used to a fast-paced, ambiguous environment and not afraid to fail.


All his teachers in his school reports said, "Has potential. If only he would concentrate and stop wasting his time dreaming!" 


To quote Superman (Christopher Reeve): "So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable."


Grant has never stopped dreaming. 


Registered with Writers Guild of America (West) - #1472744 & #1611921


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